WKND: Miss DJ, Robert Dinero, Eric Limbo & Sandra Marquina

Everyone is finally back in the city (well, most)! We are stoked to see the afterwork vibe returning to Stockholm and this, friends, is our selectors this first weekend of the season.


Miss DJ (17–21)
Our Thursday resident Jessica Wejhem is back in biz to set the lobby bar mode with her amazing selection of soul, RnB and more. Sit back, relax and enjoy.


Robert Dinero (Early)
Robert Dinero from the producer/DJ trio Mash Up International is back to take over the Friday afterwork. Prepare for an express trip to your favourite carnival and tunes influenced by dancehall, Brazilian funk, South African Kwaito, 2-step as well as Future Bass.

Eric Limbo (Late)
Avid record collector, Eric Severin aka Eric Limbo has been playing music at bars and clubs around Stockholm since the early 00s. Expect an eclectic and fine selection of tunes ranging from disco, soulful house, to reggae and dub.


Sandra Marquina (21–01)
When you ask Sandra’s friends about what kind of music she plays, the most common answer is “djungledisco”, “discohouse” or “that kind of music that you can’t sit still to”. Through the years she has played at places like Trädgården/Under Bron, Berns and Musikaliska where she has done this exactly.

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torsdag 22 aug - 25 aug