Överste Hathi Release Party

Welcome to Hobo Sthlm for a Release Party together with Överste Hathi!

Överste Hathi is a Swedish indie soul band that feeds from the unique essence of its members. Crafting a sound that echoes the style of artists like D’Angelo and Anderson. Paak, their songs channel colorful microcosms and capture magical
moments through the band’s unique chemistry. Masterfully blending ‘60s and ‘70s influences and genres like funk, hip-hop, psychedelic pop, and all flavors of soul, they create a multicolored cocktail that touches on a variety of topics, including love, sex, politics, partying, and the moon. It amplifies the varied personalities and exciting musical ideas of all its members in a groovy, funky package. Överste Hathi’s songs will take you to the stars and back, inviting you on a ride you’ll never forget. Let yourself be embraced by the soulful sound of this multifaceted family. Since their formation in 2017, Överste Hathi has released several singles and an EP in 2023. They signed with Rexius Records as they continue to explore the magical synergy of their musical minds through their kaleidoscopic creations.

On May 17, they release the album: Tagning 33. Welcome to Hobo Sthlm on May 18th to celebrate with us!


Performance starts at 20

Hobo Lobby Bar