WKND #36: Miss DJ, Ken Kuusk [EST], Emil Rydberg, Mad Mats

We got another great weekend lined up for you. Here are the selectors of the week.


Miss DJ (17–21)

Thursdays =  Miss DJ representing our bar with her smooth, amazing selections of afro beat, RnB, soul and more. Sit back, relax and enjoy!


Ken Kuusk [EST] (17–21)

Hailing from Tallin, Ken Kuusk is a selector who’s style varies depending on the season. His sets are both groovy and eclectic where the focus is on the music rather than the persona. During last several years, he’s been playing across Europe while being part of many different music communities and movements. Music-wise you can hear anything from 90s house to new boogie –  guaranteed to make you move.

Emil Rydberg (21–01)

Our fav club kid and selector Emil is back at Hobo. With celebrated gigs at most clubs and bars in our capital, the time has come for yet another tasty mix of juicy house, beats and electronic that make you wanna move.


Mad Mats (21–01)

Stockholm DJ legend and part of Local Talk and GAMM: label boss Mad Mats is back to bless the lobby bar booth. With no further intro needed, expect a mix of tracks and bangers you probably haven’t heard before, but want to hear again and again – this time with a secret guest DJ.

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torsdag 5 sep - 8 sep