The Pre-Weekend After Work #42

We present to you: Thursdays at Hobo.

We all know that by Thursday, we all deserve a lil’ prestart of the weekend. That’s why we invite the best record diggers of the city – familiar faces of Hobo as well as the ones about to be – to call the shots behind the DJ booth from 5 to 9. The bar is of course loaded with all things thirst quenching, open until midnight.

Thursdays, at your service.


Maja Westin is a DJ and producer based in Stockholm with a background as a live artist and performer in the psych pop act Caviare Days. For the Lobby bar after work she will present a beachy and rhythmic set that leans on funk and soul traditions but steers it into a 2019 groove.
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Thursday 17 Oct - 18 Oct
@Downstairs bar