Italian weeks in the bar

A country that REALLY mastered what we’re trying to replicate in Sweden as ”afterwork”, is Italy. They know how to drink in the afternoon – with style. That’s why we can’t help ourselves but letting our favourite country (at least when it comes to drinking culture) take over the bar for a couple of weeks.

We got 6 signature cocktails lined up for you, as well as a Salotto Martini to hang around. Come early, stay late, and while you’re at it, ask Gianluca and George in the bar for some cheesy Italian phrases.


Bombay Gin, Martini Ambrato, Chamomile Liqueur, lemon juice, cutting board syrup.

Café Pricida
Ocho blanco, Martini Rubino, Italicus, Violette Liqueur.

Martini Bitter, Sorbetto ai lamponi.

Bombay Gin, Bruxo X, Moscato, Pino Mugo, St.Germain.

Martini fiero, rhubarb syrup, salt, tonic water.

Martini Extra dry, Martini Bitter, Curaçao, Pisco.

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torsdag 22 aug - 2 sep