Födelsedagsfest! – ”Vaginan” av Alexandra Andersson

Vaginasymbolen A.K.A Livets, människans, modets, transparensens, civilkuragets, framtidens och ALLTETS symbol fyller 3 år. Vaginan står ~bland annat~ för att hitta nya former i de gamla formerna,


Kom skåla, skapa nytt! Tre år och mot evigheten.

Alexandra Andersson


Have you always been an artist?

If the cliché image of an artist is someone who since childhood has been collecting and painting stones, who tried ”painting” a canvas and wrote abstract poems in her room playing jazz on her LP player and that she found at the local flea market – then yes, I do think so. No, seriously though I believe that an artist is wider than the cliché, someone who uses creativity (whatever that is) and expresses herself in every way possible. Hm, actually I’m not sure that it’s one self who decides to be an ”artist”, It’s more like others that see you as one. I can see artists everywhere, and they don’t even believe that they’re one. But they are. Well, if an artist is a person who believes that there are many definitions of everything: Here I am.

What is your best advice to your teen self?

Oh, my dear dear crazy little badass teen Alexandra. Be everything you are. Stop throwing tons of dirt on yourself and do everything that I never did. Start using snus earlier cause you’re going to love it and don’t feel bad about skipping class cause you’ll solve it anyway! (Can you tell I skipped English classes!?)

And a little bit personal. Hehe, Who was your first love? 

Haha, I love this question cause it’s so simple. Let me introduce my first love, since 2004: DARIN ZANYAR.  And no – we never met.  And yes – he’s still cute.


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