Into the factory – Interaction by Burn

Last year we initiated our collaboration with Burn Energy Drink at the Into the Valley festival, our work together continues at our new festival Into the factory, Stora vika. This year, we wanted to interact local creators and artists to create this years exhibitions, so we turned the art project into a contest for up and coming artist.

The jury for the project received a ton great art contributions. At last, we have our finalists that will expose their art at the festival. The sketches of the art that will come to life at the festival will be showed for the first time at this event at Hobo. Of course it will be music. One of our local favorites Ishi vu will serve music to you during the evening. There will be beer served to us, big thanks to TT. We will also sell festival tickets during the evening for a unique hobo-price.

The theme for all of the art projects is ’interaction’. In times like this, we believe that interaction is very significant, both in terms of people to disprove prejudices and for the development of modern technology. Interaction brings people together and interaction innovates ideas. The artists different and unique interpretations of ’interaction’ is at least said fantastic.

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torsdag 4 maj
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