DJ Autograph, Spotify DJ Club Shuffle & Repeat, Sandra Marquina

Presenting another superb weekend at Hobo!

Thursday 30/5 17-21

DJ Autograph

Autograph began DJing on the island of Jamaica where he grew up. He continued to hone his craft and expand his musical knowledge after moving to NYC. Autograph has DJ’ed in various cities around the world from Sydney, Australia to Seoul, South Korea. He now resides in Stockholm Sweden where he, as a member of Safari Sound International, continues to spread the musical vibes both as a DJ and producer.

Friday 31/5 17-01

Spotify DJ Club Presents Shuffle & Repeat vol 4

Shuffle & Repeat is a music showcase event, in which we’re bringing together a broad group of DJs, mixing different styles in a stylish, eclectic evening.
For the fourth edition we’re inviting you to join us at Hobo Hotel.
Meet the people who by day are working behind the scenes of your favourite streaming service, and by the night are spinning records as a newly formed DJ collective.
Eight hours of great house, soul, disco, funk and more.

Saturday 1/6 21-01

Sandra Marquina

When you ask Sandra’s friends about what kind of music she plays, the most common answer is “jungle disco”, “discohouse” or “that kind of music that you can’t sit still to” .
Through the years she has played at Trädgården, Under Bron, Berns, Musikaliska, and many other places – doing this exactly.

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torsdag 30 maj - 2 jun