Clara Gyökeres, Julia Lindholm, Olof Uhlin & Pedrodollar, Dan Redholm

Presenting our superb weekend selectors. The sunny weather is back and we’re moving out to our new terrace – PARKEN.


Clara Gyökeres (AW) 17:00-21:00
With a focus on creating atmospheric sounds and feel good vibes, Clara Gyökeres is an inventive DJ using music as her canvas. The result is a wide range variety of genres, house and rock’n’roll-edits, space disco and funk like you’ve never heard before. Expect to embark on a groovy set voyage with beautiful sounds straight from the heart, beats and thrills of danceable debauchery.


Julia Lindholm (Early) 17:00 – 21:00
With a soul, disco, funk and an amazing feel for the smooth and groovy house, Julia Lindholm calls the shots from:

Olof Uhlin & Pedrodollar (Late) 21:00 – 01:00
Olof Uhlin teams up with Studio Barnhus member Pedrodolllar aka Petter Nordqvist for a night of juicy Disco, Afro, and soulful house. Get ready for exquisite tracks, and huge amounts of ass shaking! If you missed it them first time, now’s your chance to catch them in action.


Dan Redholm (Late) 21:00 – 01:00
With celebrated gigs across Stockholm with a handful of international bookings, Dan have become regular contributors to the hype surrounding Stockholms club scene.
Always packing his record bag full of eclectic love!

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torsdag 16 maj - 19 maj