800 grader TAKEOVER

We are extremely happy to announce a complete Italian takeover of Hobo Restaurant for a night. Any pizza lover (that means, all of us) knows about 800 grader on Sigtunagatan in Stockholm. They’re the real deal, and chef Oskar Montano is taking over the kitchen.

And why shouldn’t the greatest team up with the greatest?

The name Jimmie Hulth should cause an applause for any cocktail lover (formerly a well known face at award winning bar Tjoget, now Bacardi and Martini ambassador). He will be supporting the event from behind the bar shaking and stirring the most delicious drinks Italy has to offer.

Get your calendars and write down ITALIAN PARTY on November 29th right now!

Our DJ will bring on the F E S T A with Italo Disco
The entire restaurant will be remade into an Italian trattoria

Examples from the menu:
Suppli al telefono
Fritelle cacio e pepe

Pizza bianca con melanzane alla parmigiana
Pizza Bianca con polpette al sugo

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Thursday 29 Nov
@Restaurant Hobo