5emman & Spotify presents: Shuffle Repeat

Shuffle Repeat is a music showcase event, in which we’re bringing together a broad group of DJs, mixing different styles in a stylish, eclectic evening at the Hobo hotel popular 5emman floor.

Meet the people, who by day, are working behind the scenes of your favourite streaming service, and by the night are spinning records as a newly formed DJ collective.

Eight hours of house, soul, disco, funk and more. This music event is brought to you by the Hobo hotel & Spotify.

Murat Ayan
Michiel Jans
Claes Rosen
Disco Tech
Banana Drama
Rouzbeh Delavari
Mattias Johansson
Matt Empyre

Free Admission.
Thank you Red Stripe,

W E L C O M E !

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fredag 22 mar - 23 mar