At Hobo, you’ll always find something a little unexpected. One day it’s a gig, the next it’s a gallery and a third it’s a panel discussion. There’s always something new, interesting, thought-provoking or fun. We love it and we want Hobo to be a place where everyone feels welcome and at home. A space full of life.

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Looking for event space? Do you want to rent 5EMMAN?

Sunday-Thursday you can rent 5EMMAN as an event space. Lectures, book readings, music or club, here you can do a little bit of what you want. The bar with staff is included and there is also DJ-equipment and a small stage. Contact us if you want to rent the premises or if you have an idea for 5EMMAN that we do not want to miss.

5emman presents: Clara Gyökeres, Ari Bald & Tom Backlöf Friday 21 Sep - 22 Sep
5emman presents Dujaviba #6 ft. Manfred & Patrik Saturday 22 Sep - 23 Sep
Storytellers S1E5 at Hobo Hotel Monday 24 Sep - 25 Sep

Storytellers S1E5 at Hobo Hotel

11.00-03.00 @5emman

Storytelling, the conveying of events in words, images, sounds and drinks in this case. We are proud to premiere a unique international bar that will soon be booming the world scene.

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5emman presents: KON [US] (BBE/SoulClap Rec) Friday 19 Oct - 20 Oct

5emman presents: KON [US] (BBE/SoulClap Rec)

21.00-02.00 @5emman

The summer has been fantastic and the wait is now over! The time has come to move into the club for the season premiere of 5emman! And boy do we have the perfect one over to bring it. 

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