Buckle up, babes!!! Hobo is turning six! We’re celebrating our six sexy years on God’s green earth with concerts, DJs, take-overs, karaoke, drag bingo, old faces, new friends, delicious food and never-ending drinks. Join us for a four day long rollercoaster ride of FUN!
Let the birthday celebration begin. We’re kicking off the party week with drag bingo, live gigs and macarons for everyone in the lobby. Bring your friends!
20:00–22:00 DRAG BINGO with Miss Tobi
Category is: Butch Bingo Realness. Come and bingo the house down boots with the tallest queen in the industry – the one, the only, drag superstar Miss Tobi. Feeling lucky? Strut on up to F5MMAN and bingo your way to free overnights stays at Hobo and other fine prizes.
21:00 BATHTUB BAY Live gig + Special guest
Enjoy the sweet tunes of the beauties of Bathtub Bay. Bathtub Bay is a Stockholm-based music project started by three musicians who had an idea of creating an atmosphere for the listener to get caught in. Dreamy vibes and a special guest appearance – check.
Good news: we’ve called in some favors, and on Friday we can stay open until 03. GREAT, HUH? We’re keeping it 100 all night with no less than four DJ sets by some of our friends, lovers and idols. For a slightly more chill night, head on up to F5MMAN where vinyls is the name of the game.
17:00–20:00 Alejandro
20:00–23:00 Julian
23:00–03:00 Fredrik Lund-Hansen & Qwanah
Remember last year’s minibar festival? This year, we’re doing it even bigger. Meet our suppliers Jameson, Red Bull, Brooklyn Brewery, Guinness, Galliano, Cavnat, Stockholms Bränneri, Campari, Omnipollo and Brew International. Drink tickets will be available for purchase in our reception – make sure you come thirsty.
15:00–20:00 MINIBAR Festival with suppliers
15:00–20:00 DJ Lukas
20:00–01:00 DJ Petter
21:00–01:00 RNB KARAOKE
RnB lovers! Your favorite night is back, back, back again. Welcome up to F5MMAN for a night of RNB KARAOKE. This is a space created for all RnB lovers who want to enjoy their favorite jams or have their five minutes of RnB fame behind the mic. Mary J. Blige is that you??? Hosted by wonekai and ivan_thedj @ instagram.
And on the seventh day, only one thing will get us out of bed: Hobo Market. We have your cozy hangover Sunday sorted with our popular marketplace. As always, there’ll be local fashion designers selling one-off pieces and vintage clothes, handmade jewelry, posters, DJs, tattoo artists and much more. Free and open for all, duh!
13:00–17:00 MARKET at Hobo (open for all)
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torsdag 23 mar - 26 mar