Barolo Soundsystem +Sundayman, Hägring, Miss DJ, Frankie Statuto

Thursday 21/2 @ Lobbybar


Jessica Wejhem has returned to set you in the right afterwork mode, bringin you the smoothest soul, funk, rnb and more..

Friday 22/2 @ 5emman



Hägring is an ever returning mirage. Every summer, for the last nine years it has been reappearing in the green surroundings of Stockholm with a positive vibe and a musical compass directed towards the soulful pole.

If you put your ear to the ground you might soon hear the thumping vibrations emerging from the bush. In the meantime residents Fredrik Borg & Jonas Dahlström drop by 5emman for some serious musical guidance.



Our beloved sound system is back, this time with a very special guest: SUNDAYMAN

Barolo Soundsystem is an Italian Disc jockey/Producer duo from Piemonte.

They grew up listening to music being played on the local radio, where they learned to appreciate Gary Low, Mr. Flagio, Tony Esposito, Chic and Yazoo.

Barolo Soundsystem’s style draws heavily from Italo Disco, New York house and other funky styles of electronic music.

Saturday 23/2 @ Lobbybar



We say welcome to our guest Frankie who’s saturday mission is to get your asses shaking to the best Boogie, Disco and soulful sounds in our lobby bar.


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torsdag 21 feb - 24 feb
@5emman & Lobbybar