VICE: Future of Technology Issue

VICE Presents: The Future of Technology Issue

The Future of Technology Issue of VICE Magazine is out, which we want to celebrate with a party.

What does the future of technology look like? Will it be more inclusive or exclusive? Will it progress in positive or negative ways? Along with the help of our co-workers at Motherboard, Waypoint, and the Creators Project, we set out for answers about viritual reality porn, cryonics center in Arizona where folks are betting on a chance at life and hackers who change the online dating game.

Come down to Hobo Hotel, grab a copy and grab a drink.

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DJ’s for the night.

Dj live -set
Sean Alexander

The sonic palette of Berlin-based Sean Alexander is characterized by acid-tinged soundscapes painted over a foundation of hypnotic rhythms. The performances are largely improvised with his sparse hardware setup. In the past year, Sean Alexander has performed live at venues such as Sisyphos (Berlin), Uebel & Gefährlich (Hamburg) and Cult Cosmic. His debut EP ”BLEEDER”, as part of noise-duo ’xß’, will be released on April 20th on Kikimora Tapes.

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Friday 21 Apr
@Hobo Floor 5