Here are the deals at Hobo right now. Staying with Hobo is always an experience – a journey within the journey, you might say. Come for fun, for love, for work. Come sleep, eat, live at Hobo!

Hobo x Hosoi festival

Experience Hosoi Festival with Hobo – Your Ultimate Music & Culture Retreat

Slow Sunday

From 750 SEK per person


Weekend Deal with Pizza + Movie Tickets

Taste The View: TAK & Hobo

15% off on your dinner up at TAK

4 Times the Fun

Stay 4 Nights With 20% Discount

Family Style

Get an Extra Kid’s Room for Only 750 SEK

City Life

Stay 2 Nights With 12% Discount + 1 drink in the Hobo Bar

Third Time’s a Charm

Stay 3 Nights With 15% Discount