Hobo Hotel



9 square meters of creative possibilities

Say hello to Space By. Some would call it a pop-up area in our lobby, but that wouldn’t do it justice. We like to think of it as… nine square meters of creative possibilities. Here, we give away one of our prime spots in the entrance, offering niche artists and companies the possibility to create something unique. Rent-free, hassle-free, right in the heart of the city.

Space By is a rotating concept. This means we welcome a new creator, company or organization every month. Clothing stores, art exhibitions, hairdressers, tattoo studios, bike shops, jewelry stores, sneaker swaps, audio stores… sky’s the limit. All we demand is fresh perspectives and inclusive mindsets. The rest is up to you.


In the market for fun

Sunday Scaries who??? Forget your troubles and live it up at our Hobo Market. Every last Sunday of the month, we host our idea of a dream marketplace, always with new vendors. Find a new outfit, get a new tattoo, a new piece of art, or dance to live music. Our restaurant and bar are open for the hungry and thirsty. Free and open for all (duh!).

Have something you want to sell, showcase or do? Shoot us an email, the crazier the idea the better. Selling at the Hobo Market is free of charge, but the spots are limited. Thx!


A part of Stockholm’s bursting music scene

This is where the local and international music lovers meet to enjoy great drinks and even better music. We have long been a big part of Stockholm’s bursting music scene – not as a creator, but as a platform. Our role is the enabler for the existing (and phenomenal) art that’s growing right here. Join us every weekend for DJs, live gigs, pop-up clubs, art performances and everything in between.

Want to play or perform at Hobo? Send us an email and we’ll take it from there.


Let’s do it together

Co-creation is at the heart of everything Hobo stands for. Have an idea? A dream? A pitch? Contact us. We’d love to talk.