5emman presents: Ginou, Manfred & TantRut + Simon Hagström (AW)

Get ready for a special night full of love @ 5emman presenting:


Manfreds music register is wide and full of emotions. Like a cameleon he offers different kind of sounds depending on the occasion and he always seems to have some disco bangers up his sleeve.


Ginou has always been deeply fascinated by music but it wasn’t until last year that she decided to fulfill a dream of hers and go behind decks.

Taking inspiration from her travels, friends and favorite artists, she explores a variety of sounds – from soothing ethnic music to cosmic and tribal beats and aims to bring us on a journey through the world and capturing the magic of each culture gracefully on the way.


TantRut moved to the tiny Swedish island Brännö after seven wild years in Berlin. There he got inspired on legendary full moon beach raves to pick up DJing. His mixes contain tracks with elements of deep tribal dance music, magical sounds and loveable rhythms.

Simon Hagström (Cassete Music Sweden)
Sets the perfect After Work mode.
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Friday 28 Sep - 29 Sep