Welcome to our hotel.

If New York is New York, London is London and Berlin just is, then Hobo is our Stockholm. Locally inspired, globally curated, with creation from here, and collaboration from them. More than just another hotel, Hobo is our idea of community. One where we live, work, create and play better together.

And, come March 2017, you’re very welcome to come stay.

Hobo Store

This is more than just a shop window. This is a selection of our favorites. A place where we gather fellow creators, their amazing products and services, all part of Hobo in one way or another. Socialize with us to learn more!

Freedom & easiness

At Hobo we are uniting the hyper urban brutalism of Brunkebergstorg with a feeling of freedom and easiness like traveling throughout continents in a vintage VW camper and preparing food at a camp fire. Award-winning Berlin based designer Werner Aisslinger has created the looks and feels of a hotel for guests who love the adventure of traveling; experiencing pure materials, nature, community, music and good talks.

This is a bag with a lot more than just good looks and great usage. In 2009 Apolis began the Bangladesh Project with a first small order of 50 market bags and a large vision of creating life-changing opportunities in the community of Saidpur. Six years and over 81,000 market bags later, and the project now supports employment for 21 women. A total of 170 partners across ten countries are now participating in the Local + Global project, where the reusable Market Bag is handcrafted in Bangladesh and finished in California. Hobo is very happy to feature the Stockholm edition!

598 SEK

Sthlm Market Bag