Restaurant and bar at Hobo

At Hobo, food and drinks are spread out over two floors in a creative, warm and welcoming atmosphere. Swing by for the first cup of coffee to the last drink of the evening. From breakfast, to brunch, to lunch, to dinner. On the ground floor you’ll find the lobby bar and the restaurant, and one floor up you’ll find the club and event space 5EMMAN. 5EMMAN is open on Fridays and Saturdays, and the rest of the week you can rent it for your event.

Book your table online for up to 8 persons. Are you a bigger group? Call us at +46 70 218 06 30 or send us an email at


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Our philosophy

For us, sustainability is a natural ingredient for a modern restaurant, and we shape our menus according to what the season has to offer. Local produce (some even in our own lobby garden) and organic. The menu is in constant change just like the crops available, but in general it’s kept short focusing on the greens. We think this is non-negotiable for our future on this planet. We love the Scandinavian cuisine and love to explore our roots, but that doesn’t stop us from being inspired by amazing food cultures around the world.

Stick around all day

Our two floors have a bar each, the lobby bar and 5EMMAN. During the day, both of these are great to work, have informal meetings or a coffee break. As the day passes by and turn into evening, we raise the volume.

Urban Farming

Have you seen our garden in the lobby? Here we grow spices, herbs and vegetables to use in in cocktails and dishes. The system is called Hydraponic and it’s a eco-friendly cultivating system adapted for indoor use. Talk about locally grown!

The rooftop Stockholm under Stjärnorna

Our neighbour Stockholm Under Stjärnorna is the next adventure at Brunkebergstorg. A few steps down the street you’ll find the entrance. Take the elevator to the top and cross the bridge to get to 1200 square metres rooftop park. As they say themselves: a never-ending festival. A park. A feeling of freedom. Read more here.


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