Personalising your stay with us

Hobo Hotel wishes to offer our customers the best possible hotel stay according to each guest’s preferences and purchase history.

On the basis of legitimate interests, we will use information we have received from you about your preferences for rooms (such as e.g. “window overlooking sea”, or “quiet room desired”) and information about your purchases with us (“sparkling water” rather than “still water” ») to offer you a more personalised stay.

This information is collected based on your purchases with us and any wishes or requests you express to our employees.

In addition, we will occasionally collect information about you from open sources such as the Internet and social media, but limited to information relevant to offer you a personalised stay with us. The basis for this is the legitimate interest.

The information will not be delivered to others.
You can reserve the right against allowing us to use of your information for personalising your stay.

You can do this by sending an email to