• 3-course dinner at TAK
  • Overnight stay
  • Breakfast at TAK
  • Wifi
  • Access to gym
  • Priority in the queue to TAK & SUS


Overnight stay, dinner and breakfast – at Hobo, we have everything you need and more. Book our Dining & Stay package for your staycation, work trip, romantic getaway or anything in between.

Enjoy an overnight stay at Hobo and dinner at TAK. Eat your way through a fantastic three course meal with a spectacular view of the entire city. TAK specializes in modern gastronomy, where Nordic ingredients meet Japanese techniques and flavors. A dining experience that combines food, drinks and breathtaking views in a warm, welcoming and lively atmosphere.

But there’s more! TAK’s signature breakfast which offers classical breakfast favorites, and alternatives with Japanese influences, is also included in the package.

Meet us at Hobo for a short and sweet city vacation!

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Available on Fridays and Saturdays. Can be cancelled 24 hours prior to arrival
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