• Breakfast included at TAK
  • Free WiFi
  • Centrally located in Stockholm


From 695 SEK in our windowless rooms. Breakfast included at rooftop restaurant TAK.

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We’re not a cosy little cottage in Provence, but we offer what’s the ancient core of hospitality – a bed to sleep in and a breakfast to start the day.

Our breakfast is a collaboration with our rooftop restaurant TAK.

Here we offer something beyond the paradigm of eggs and bacon, a focus on wellness and nutrition with inspiration from Japan. Build your own ‘donburi’ or enjoy overnight oats with matcha. A variety of smoothies and vegetable shots, and of course scrambled eggs because we can’t remove every morning institution.

And then we didn’t even mention the view from the 13th floor.

Valid for maximum 10 rooms per day.
Book before 31st of October and stay until 30th of December 2020.
Can not be combined with other offers.
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