Hobo blog - 18 Jan. 2018

Check in, have a beer and get marked for life at Hobo


When we say that Hobo is the place where we live, create and play better together – we mean it! SPACE by is our pop up area where we let our local talents and creators move in and do what they do best in any shape, form or religion that may be or show up in.


And what better way to celebrate that then to keep you reminded of how awesome it is doing your thing for the rest of your life with the help of ink?!


During this week we have teamed up together with our generation’s new giant in the tattoo business, INKBAY and their friends at the dopest studio in town right now, VILLA OCKULT. The pop-up studio has been packed since day one with people and personalities from all over the world to hang out, talk art, drinking beer and of course getting inked.


Check out their art here, book it or just drop by and do not be a no show on our ink party on Friday 19th February and attend the event here!



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Hobo blog - 2 Mar. 2020

Nu öppnar vi dörren till Stockholms nya matupplevelse

Nu lanseras det nya restaurangkonceptet XO som har örat mot gatstenen och tydliga influenser ifrån de karibiska öarna, inte minst Jamaica. Med nya kökschefen Kristian Smith vid rodret, som har bakgrund inom street food (Flippin’ Burgers, Lådan, Street Gastronomy), presenteras en ny smakflora som än så länge är ganska outforskad i Europa.

Den 2 mars slår vi upp dörrarna till stans nya matupplevelse, Restaurangen XO. Nyvärvade kocken Kristian Smith har ett passionerat förhållande till hur han tänker och skapar mat. Inspirationen kommer från Kristians ursprung med en jamaicansk pappa och svensk mamma kombinerat med en uppväxt i London. På vägen har hans erfarenheter och mod vågat utmana och utveckla tekniker och smakkombinationer som har tagit honom till det materbjudande som han idag har skapat för Hobo.

Med det nya konceptet vill Kristian höja ribban och öppna upp folks sinnen när det kommer till street food och samtidigt bjuda Stockholm på en ny smakpalett. Menyn kommer att vara föränderlig med inspiration från världens alla hörn, men med ett extra starkt fokus på det jamaicanska köket.

– Jag vill få så många som möjligt att upptäcka världen genom min matlagning. Att få sätta det jamaicanska köket i ett restaurangkoncept är en dröm som går i uppfyllelse. Jag har inte hållit tillbaka när det kommer till smak, kryddor och ursprung, men jag har förfinat många av de rätter som tidigare endast serverats ur till exempel en food truck eller en jerk hut längs vägrenen. Samtidigt kommer de som ätit genuin jamaicansk mat att känna sig hemma, säger Kristian Smith, kökschef.

Maten har fått mycket omtanke och kommer att serveras opretentiöst med långkok och fermenteringar som respektlöst får dela plats i olika bowls. Grytor och serveringar på bordet som delas av flera. På menyn finns allt från Jamaican Jerk till Beef Patties och Roti. Det är inte bara vad som kommer att serveras utan även hur, som skapar ett signum för Hobos nya erbjudande.

– Vi går från att servera traditionsenlig frukost, lunch och middag till att sömlöst servera mat och dryck från klockan 07.00 till sent. Idag äter man när man är hungrig och på det sätt som passar in i ens schema vilket kan vara stående, sittande vid sitt skrivbord eller på språng, säger Lotta Brattin, General Manager. 

Det nya matkonceptet på Hobo Hotel öppnar den 2 mars. Det finns 21 bokningsbara bord och alltid några platser för walk-ins. Restaurangen har också genomgått ett ansiktslyft där man har skapat en innergårdskänsla med långbänkar, växtlighet och ljus som passar bra när många skall dela mat.

Boka ditt bord här.

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Hobo blog - 25 Apr. 2019

Hobo Hotel starts collaboration with fashion retail company Grandpa

Fashion retail company Grandpa has moved into Hobo Hotel. The lobby is transformed into an inspiring shop, offering a curated selection of lifestyle products, clothing and accessories to tourists, hotel guests and locals.

“The retail business is changing which is creating new opportunities for both customers and businesses. We are aiming to be the leaders in regards of service, inspiration and atmosphere by challenging the norms, be energetic and meet the customers in new places.”, says Helene Forsberg, CEO at Grandpa.

“Grandpa will be the leading edge and this is a new way of working with retail in an inspiring way for the customer: we are creating an omni experience and get to show a selection of our products physically, while all products are easily available online.

Jonas Pels, founder and owner of Grandpa, says: “Our first business idea was “to be more than just a store” and that is something we still live by. Now when others start to talk about the customer experience, it’s already in our DNA. Our force is service and we’ve always seen our visitors as guests, not customers. We believe that what we offer and our view on the meeting with the customer kan add a lot to Hobo.

Mattias Stengl, CEO at Hobo, says: “The collaboration with Grandpa is extremely exciting and at the same time, completely natural. I am convinced that the physical space will become more and more important in the way that we live our lives – and to combine food, drinks, culture as well as living and working spaces, now with the addition of retail, is beyond exciting. There are a lot of things changing in our industry and by working closely with other key players we will be the leaders of that change, and we will dare to do things differently. Grandpa x Hobo is an example of that.”

Jonas continues:”In all our collaborations there must be a win-win for all parts. We work with partners that “suits” Grandpa on all levels: it should be fun and there should be a common ground. With Hobo, that’s exactly what we’re getting. Both companies have service as a part of their DNA, and strive to always go beyond the expected. We look forward to work together and give our customers an inspiring experience!”

The Grandpa Kiosk is opening on April 4th 2019 at Hobo on Brunkebergstorg 4 in Stockholm.

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Hobo blog - 4 Apr. 2019

Travelmag lists the top 5 boutique hotels in Stockholm

And we’re happy to be one of them!

“This quirky, beautifully designed boutique hotel is located a short hop from Sergels Torg Square, close to many of Stockholm’s main tourist attractions, as well as several bars and restaurants. Enter the hotel lobby area and you’re greeted by some funky, colourful wall art and the hotel also boasts a notable industrial chic design style. A strong emphasis on sustainability is demonstrated in the on-site restaurant, which serve up mouth-watering organic dishes, many of which are vegetarian. Guest rooms come with a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom and some also offer scenic city vistas. Hotel amenities include an on-site gymnasium, comfortable bar and lounge areas, and 24-hour front desk. Free WiFi is available in all areas, including guest rooms. For keen shoppers, there’s a Shopping Centre located in the same building as the hotel. Stockholm Central Station is a 10-minute walk away.”

Read the full article here.

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Hobo blog - 27 Feb. 2019

Stockholm in a day: the Hobo guide to a summer bike ride through the city

The quickest way to zig zag through the city is on a bike, which is why we’ve put together the ultimate guide to see the city in a day with Hobo smack in the middle as a base. Breakfast, chilling, museums, lunch, hangouts, dinner and dancing – with exactly 1 hour and 43 minutes of additional sightseeing off the beaten track, covering the city from the bike. Even better, do it in style and borrow a HOBO bike.

8.20 AM: Breakfast

You’re waking up hungry, which is why the first bikeride is easy peasy. Just 5 minutes away you’ll find Café Saturnus. Start your day with a café breakfast like the frenchmen do. Have a seat in the sun and watch the city wake up – including yourself with a perfect cappuccino in your hand.

9.37 AM: Pretending you’re in a rom-com

Ready to get going. Back on the bike. Bike along some seriously impressive buildings on Strandvägen, over to Djurgården along the waterfront. In 15 minutes you’ll arrive to Rosendals Trädgård. Soak up the nature, enjoy the flowers, chill under an apple tree and pretend you’re in a movie from the 50’s.

10.41 AM:  Become a know-it-all on Aquavit

Feeling how the coffee is doing its magic, it’s time to learn something new. You head over to Spritmuseum in no more than 6 minutes. This is the museum of spirits, food, booze, alcohol, drinking history, you get it. Learn everything there is to know about Swedes and our peculiar relationship with all these things through the history and into the future.

12.56PM: Lunch- (or brunch-) time!

Getting hungry from all this biking and reading about food? Little did you know that you’re in for a treat. The museum’s restaurant is regarded as one of the best museum restaurants in the world. And the cellar is stocked with natural wines. And if you’re lucky enough to visit on a Saturday, it’s brunchtime!

3.30PM: Having an Old Fashioned with a side of jazz

A long lunch slowly turns into cocktail hour. Time for another bike ride and a change of scenery.  When you get to Erlands café 21 minutes later, it’s really nice to sit back in this tiny bar covered in wood panels and velvet, enjoying a cocktail. Oh, and they have live jazz on Saturday afternoons as well as Tuesday evenings. Life is good.

5.30 PM: Getting new sunglasses

But you forgot the shopping! Let’s head over to Gamla Stan. On Kindstugatan, 16 minutes south, La Boutique is ready to assist with all too pretty, unique little things. And luckily for us, souvenirs are available around every corner. Shopping, check!

6.25 PM: …and then getting hungry

All this biking and no dinner? No way. You head over to cozy Café Nizza, 10 minutes away. The secluded, adorable outdoor seating is the perfect spot for a break. You let the chefs choose what to eat on this night that is starting to feel like one in southern Europe.

8.47 PM: Dancing in the sunset

Full and happy. The sun is setting, time to dance. No sunny day in Stockholm is complete without a visit to the legendary outdoor club Trädgården under the Skanstull bridge, 8 minutes away. Play boule, drink beers, mingle and beat someone in ping pong. Many hours later you hop on the bikes and go the 22 minutes back to Hobo, falling asleep in a fluffy bed.


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Hobo blog - 22 Feb. 2019

Our declaration of love. To Earth.

Less talking. More action. To work forward with the environment as a part of our DNA is given, but also to take part of innovation for a better tomorrow. At Hobo we firmly believe that without a healthy environment, nothing else matters. 

Here is what we do about it. 

The little shop on the wall

Behind our reception is another battle with the norms. Who ever said shopping can’t be done at 2AM? We sell products from eco-friendly artisans and small companies. Every brand have a curated bio card so you can follow the product from top to bottom. We hope to encourage a conscious shopping behavior. By hosting events where we talk about sustainability, we created a sustainability community around Hobo where topics are discussed by experts monthly.

No *knock knock* housekeeping!

We flipped the coin in a way which we think will be industry standards in a few years. At Hobo you do the opposite – if you want your room cleaned you need to hang the door sign out, if you don’t we will not clean the room. No fuzz, no options. This has reduced our cleaning 70% and saved us more than 100,000 L of water per year. This is a choice we took based on sustainability, and provides the freedom of choice to our guests.

Minimal food waste

Do you know what cafés have that the regular hotel doesn’t? Minimal food waste. That’s where we took inspiration and started pre-batching units instead of using the traditional buffé concept. That took the waste down to less than 60 g per guest. We also make as much as we can in our own kitchen to control what ingredients are being used… and what we put in our bodies. Unnecessary additives, no thank you!

…and the circle is complete

We’re proud of our cocktail menu. Not only does it taste great, but it’s also based on sustainability. That breakfast waste we talked about? Try “Cereal Killer”, which is made of the left over cereal from the breakfast.

Torn stockings deserve more.

Swedish Stockings is a start-up producing the first 100% bio-cotton stockings from the leggings you hand in. The “leggings box” is found in every room, where you leave your old broken ones to give them new life. Speaking of giving new life to clothes. Our lost and found, over 15 boxes, was donated to Stockholms Stadsmission last year.

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Hobo blog - 25 Jan. 2019

Gothenburg’s finest Leo Lahti is coming to Stockholm, joining the Hobo bar team

Gothenburg-based Leo Lahti, known from the award-winning speakeasy Stranger, is making the move to the capital to start at Hobo Hotel side by side with bar manager George Cerrone, with the goal to take the bar programme and event concept even further.

Hobo Hotel has been in constant movement since day 1, with events, international guest bartenders and co-creations, where Leo Lahti has been a face behind the sticks on several occasions. Now it’s time for him to make that presence permanent, starting February, where he teams up with Hobos bar manager George Cerrone to take the bar to the next level.

– Leo and I found each other about 4 years ago, thanks to our shared love for Little Quarter and everything “LQ” represented back then. After that, our long conversations about bars, cocktails, parties and hospitality really made me look up to him and his work. That’s what I love about the guy, what he created in the world of cocktails is a legacy and he let his work speak for him. That’s why it didn’t even take me two seconds to ask him to join forces now when he’s coming to Stockholm, says George.

Leo’s has up until know been a familiar face at Stranger in Gothenburg, the little speakeasy bar in the basement underneath Tranquilo. During the last couple of years the bar has received tons of awards from all directions. It got top placements for best cocktail programme and best barteam 2018 in the Nordic Bar Show. Stranger also won the bar of the year by Metro Magazine in 2017. International Bartender’s Choice Awards also acknowledged the greatness of Stranger where they got several nominations and received the “People’s Choice” award two years in a row. Leo also managed Zamenhof which was awarded best new bar in the Nordic Bar Show in 2018.

– I’m extremely excited to start at Hobo and work “for real”. I’ve been there for a few guest shifts before and always loved it. Hobo has always felt like home to me, and I look forward to let go of my spot behind a computer and be behind the bar as often as I possibly can. At Hobo, I hope to contribute with experiences and help the already awesome team to get even better, and together go even further, says Leo.

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Hobo blog - 16 Jan. 2019

The artwork at Hobo

Kosmogonen & Gudmaskinen

Together, Björn Atldax and Karl Grandin forms the artist / designer duo Vår. They’re the ones behind the artwork in the dining room (the glass installation, Kosmogonen) and in 5emman (the 3-piece spinning installation). Their pieces for Hobo are interpretations of beliefs, mythology and different representations of the world.

Kosmogonen is a glass installation consisting of three parts where pictures and fragments from different creation myths are presented on parallel glass panes. Three religions in layers are partly covering each other, partly letting each other be seen, all to create a united story – we’re all from the same place anyway, right?

All religions, present as well as forgotten, consists of bizarre and odd elements. In Gudmaskinen, (which translates to “The God Machine”), parts of gods are mixed and form new, magnificent creatures. The machine consists of three gods: the Abrahamic god as pictured by Hesekiel in the Bible, Ymer from Old Norse mythology and Amun from Egyptian mythology. It works a bit like a Mix-Max game (remember those folded drawings we made as kids?).

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Hobo blog - 17 Sep. 2018

Get your Thursday Boogie Afterwork on with Hothobo (US) 20/9

Randy “Hotthobo” Ellis co-owns and serves as label manager for California’s Hobo Camp and Voltaire Records. He’s a longtime vinyl DJ and record collector, the host of the NTS radio program Mint Condition, and also a producer, arranger, remixer, event promoter and coordinator and frequent contributor and collaborator to releases by Loose Shus, Chautauqua, Elegant Borzoi, and Relish. His DJ sets consist of deep excursions into new, classic, and obscure 12″ and 7″ records, with a focus toward high-end Boogie, Disco, Two Step, Sweet Soul, Italo, House and Modern Funk.

This Thursday 20/9 you’ll find him in the HOBO Lobby bar dropping the grooviest after work vibes!

Can’t wait? Get a peak here: https://soundcloud.com/discogs/discogs-mix-075-hotthobo

Attend the event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1951071668525875/


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Hobo blog - 13 Sep. 2018

Tictail x Hobo – Stockholm’s first brick-and-mortar storefront

Tictail x Hobo – Stockholm’s first brick-and-mortar storefront – open 24/7- in the lobby of Hobo Hotel!


Have you ever been strolling around Stockholm in the summer wishing you had packed a swimsuit for a spontaneous evening dip? Have you ever realized on your way to a dinner party that you have forgotten to pick up a little something for the host? Have you ever wished that your favourite stores were still open for those late night shopping cravings? Or are you just looking for something unique? Then we have some good news for you.


Tictail and Hobo—two companies rooted in the importance of community, exploration, and the support of emerging design—are proud to launch Tictail x Hobo; a retail store giving Stockholm 24/7 access to a community hub filled with more than 48 brands from all around the world. The selection of products is carefully curated by Tictail’s team in New York and replaced every three months.  From September until November – the theme is Wanderlust which is all about the insatiable appetite for travel and adventure, featuring products specifically chosen for those who live for the thrill of the find.

With a constant rotation of not only the best local gems from Stockholm but some of the most talented designers from all over the world, we offer l visitors as well as locals a truly unique shopping experience.

In tandem with the launch of the seasonal themes, one Tictail brand per month will be featured in a temporary pop-up space in Hobo’s designated exhibition area called Space By, giving shoppers the opportunity to not only meet these entrepreneurs face-to-face and learn more about their design processes but also shop their latest collections in-store.

So now you have more than one reason to stop by Tictail x Hobo – we dare you to walk away empty-handed.

Where else can you find a one of a kind handbag at 2.30am?     –




Tictail x Hobo – en ny typ av shoppingupplevelse – öppet 24/7 – har öppnat i lobbyn på Hobo Hotel!


Har du någon gång vandrat omkring mållöst i sommar-Stockholm och önskat att du hade packat ned badkläder för ett spontant kvällsdopp? Är du kanske en av dem som önskat att öppettiderna för riktigt bra shopping-destinationer i Stockholm varit något längre? Eller är du bara shoppingsugen på något unikt? Då har vi goda nyheter.


Äntligen är det möjligt att shoppa från ett brett sortiment av unika produkter, dygnet runt – i hjärtat av Stockholm! Med en ständig rotation av nya designer, märken som tidigare aldrig sålts i Sverige och ett unikt urval av konstnärer och produkter från hela världen

erbjuder vi långväga resenärer såväl som shopping-sugna Stockholmare en helt ny shoppingupplevelse.


Tictail och Hobo – två företag som båda delar en passion för gemenskap, nyfikenhet och stöd för nyskapande design – är otroligt stolta över Tictail x Hobo; en ny shopping destination som ger Stockholm tillgång till en mötesplats fylld med varumärken från hela världen. Urvalet av produkter kureras av Tictails team i New York och byts ut var tredje månad. Mellan September och sista November är temat Wanderlust, det handlar om den omättliga aptiten för resor och äventyr, med produkter som är specifikt utvalda för dem som lever på spänningen av att få uppleva nya miljöer, platser och personer.

Varje månad öppnar även en av de designers som säljer på Tictail upp en popup i Hobo’s utställningsområde, Space By, vilket ger shoppingsugna såväl som hotellgäster  en unik möjlighet att träffa dessa entreprenörer personligen, lära sig mer om designprocessen och shoppa de senaste kollektionerna direkt av de som skapat dem.

Så nu har du ytterligare en anledning att besöka Hobo’s lobby – vi utmanar dig i att gå tomhänt härifrån.

Var annars kan du få tag i en handväska klockan halv två på natten?    

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Hobo blog - 21 Mar. 2018

In the name of Hobo – let the classics rise again


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Or is it just classics on a plate flying from the kitchen during easter?


We wanna celebrate the rising of the past, but just as you are allowed to celebrate it in any way preferred so are we. So what better way to do that then to bring back life into the old classics on the menu?!


We know that you’re tired of grandmas old easter dinner. Its ok. Book the set menu of rising classics for 395:– and get a taste of both Stockholm and history in one instead!



Tarte with scrambled eggs and truffle

Lobster cappuccino

Bread with churned butter and himmelsraften soft cheese

Or maybe some baked ice cream?




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Hobo blog - 27 Feb. 2018

When all you need is two days of nothing – and you’ll find it here

Lets just all admit it, its been quite a rough start on 2018, hasn’t it? The world is going mad, the climate change is going mad, wars are just always madness. Its work, its friends, family, relationships and life itself that sometimes is just a lot. WE ARE TIRED. We know the feeling too well and you know what? It’s totally fine.

Everything in life isn’t always social media ready, pretty, happy and cute. Doesn’t mean its not for us to enjoy tho! What better way to reload than to do absolutely nothing with your absolute favourite person for the weekend?

Think about it, when did you spend two days with breakfast in bed the last time? Or just explored a new city during the lay-in-bed-all-day-breaks?  Do you even remember? No, I didn’t think so either. Its time my friend, you need this and its ok to need this.




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Hobo blog - 6 Feb. 2018

Eli Escobar (NYC) goes Stockholm Boogie at Hobo Hotel 10/2

New York’s house and disco evangelist Eli Escobar has been a familiar face on the city’s scene for the last two decades. Whether tearing it up at clubs across the capital (and beyond) or throwing down super-charged disco bombs on labels like Nervous and Strictly Rhythm, Escobar rarely steps out of his four-four beat.


As one third of the Tiki Disco parties in Bushwick, as well as running his own Night People label, Escobar has been putting his own twist on the city’s house and disco soundtrack, joining the dots between yesterday’s golden era classics and today’s club anthems.


Attend the event at Hobo Hotel/5EMMAN

for this Saturday 10/2 on Facebook here!

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Hobo blog - 31 Jan. 2018

Live, eat and play as a local in Stockholm this summer – 40% off!

Stockholm for us isn’t just a beautiful city of islands. Its a city full of urban people and nationalities, music from all over the world, young entrepreneurs with ideas always reaching outside the boxes. And most of all, its a city built on respect, love and the open-minded.


Everything we do at Hobo is all about the idea of that we live, create and play better when we do it together. We always make sure to connect our friends from all over the world with our locals via music, food, culture and fashion.


So to make sure that we create as many opportunities for the meeting between people this summer we have a summer offer for you to take part of while planning your stay in Stockholm and Hobo! 40% off on your room and 100% local fun while staying at Hobo!



Also, meet the whole team at Hobo and find out more about their favourite spots in the city over here.


See you soon!

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Hobo blog - 30 Jan. 2018

Guilty pleasure is nothing but pleasure at Hobo’s new brunch!


Let’s play a little game called “Never have I ever”…


Never have I ever, been sitting in my pyjamas, closer to dead than alive from last night, watching Mean Girls, eating everything I could find in the fridge in one bowl while screaming to the lyrics of Enrique Iglesias – Hero.


Of course, you have (raise your glass)! And now you can do it together with as many of your friends as you want – and you don’t even have to take care of any dishes after!


The new brunch at Hobo is here to embrace all those moments in life we thought we would never ever tell a living soul about in form of food, drinks, music and movies. In pure Hobo style, we create all the guilty pleasure without the guilt. It’s local, its green and its fun!


And it starts from this Saturday 3/2 at 12:00

Book your table here!


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Hobo blog - 23 Jan. 2018

Breasts of every shape and color is checking in without censure

Meet Sofia, the artist who got tired of the censored scene of the female body and is now moving into SPACE by at Hobo. The brand “Betuttad” was created during an already controversial exhibition of Sofias photography art. The few papier mache breasts and pots that was created for the flowers in the gallery quickly became the star of the show.


Each creation is made by hand with a unique shape and colour out of recycled pots, vases and glass to represent the versatility of the female body.


You will now be able to meet Sofia in her pop up studio at Hobo between 22/1-28/1 where she will continue to create. Follow her journey on IG over here!