About Sniph

We follow the philosophy that scents make a greater difference in our lives than we can possibly imagine and that they affect us more than we realize. Scents evoke memories and emotions. They are an art and a personal expression at the same time. A certain scent can lift our mood when we need it – or take us far away when we least expect it.

When you subscribe to Sniph, you choose a perfume collection that suits you. We then curate and surprise you with perfumes from some of the world’s most sought-after fragrance houses. On a given month you may meet a crisp and fresh bergamot only to become best friends with a warm and cozy musk the next. Discover a new favorite scent. Again and again. Sniph provides a 7 ml stylish perfume case to conveniently carry in your handbag or back pocket and use all day for a full month.

Together with Sniph, Hobo created its own perfume. Read more about our collab here:  You can also purchase our perfume in our online shop here:

Please visit Sniph’s website for more info here:

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