Valentine’s Day with Tryckartältet

Hey friends,

We wanna invite you to a very fun night at Hobo. The power of the power ballads aka TRYCKARTÄLTET will take over 21–01 and nicely priced cava will be served in the bar. We stock up with awesome non alcoholic options too.

BOOK A TABLE in the restaurant if you’re in the mood for a really delicious dinner (who’s not?). Menu follows below. Bring a lover, all your friends, your doggo or catto or why not TREAT YOURSELF.

14th it is.

Hobo presents:

If you’ve ever been to Skankaloss (Gagnef) during the last decade you’ve probably danced cheek-to-cheek in a small tent at the camping by the football field.
Or, like during the last few years, under the stars close to someone beautiful on the docks or perhaps by the tennis court.

With intuitive feel for ballads and cheek to cheek, Therese Eriksson and Daniel Rehn have made us to dance through nights filled with joy, tears, laughs and singalongs around Sweden since 2009. No one will forget those nights at BLECK, either.

Now, they’re finally here to sprinkle the best of power ballads all over Hobo.

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Friday 14 Feb - 15 Feb