Hobo blog - 25 Aug. 2017

Welcome to our pop-up rooftop park – #Tjugodagar

Ok guys so we actually made the impossible possible and opened up a brand new rooftop park together with our awesome neighbor At Six! The official launch isn’t until next summer but hey this was simply just way too good not to open up a little bit earlier than planned… So please excuse us for a little bit of a mess here and there, but also a big warm welcome to the pop-up version #Tjugodagar!


#Tjugodagar will celebrate the last days of summer by adding a full list of both local and international DJ’s and performers every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday between 18th of August to 30th of September. Besides that, you will be able to enjoy Stockholms only rooftop-cinema every Saturday starting at 21:00! While you’re in the park you will, of course, be able to eat from the grill and cool down with drinks from the bar.


To be absolutely sure that you won’t miss out on a single thing because trust us that’s definitely not how you wanna close up the summer, make sure to follow us on Facebook and always keep an eye on www.tjugodagar.se!


Here’s a little something from the grand opening last week!

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Hobo blog - 12 Oct. 2017

8 new signature cocktails

Wow what an amazing weekend we had to celebrate the new cocktail list together with colleagues from all over the world! BCA was around the corner and we had the big honor of doing a pop up at Hobo together with the team from NYC based Pouring Ribbons.


The 8 new signature cocktails are all flirty and made together with the whole bar team at Hobo. Who made what? Well, thats up to you to find out while you’re sitting at the bar sipping on the best cocktails in town!


But of course, here’s a little sneak peek



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Hobo blog - 28 Jun. 2017

Explore Stockholm by bike x Hobo

Being a part of Hobo Hotel is the same as being a local. We want you to be able to explore Stockholm in the best way possible and one easy way to do that is to always keep track of our neighbors and friends. We wanna show you where to eat, drink, laugh, look, make out, shop or just have a walk with the best take away in town. And if you can’t get enough you have the whole map over here!



Baggensgatan 12


In the heart (and also a bit calmer area) of Old Town you will find one of our absolut favorite spots to eat and drink. Dream away, pretend like us that you actually know how to speak french with the staff and eat from the french menu. It feels like home, and thats something we appreciate – a lot! If you can’t get enough of our House Creator Pau you will definitely find her here when she’s not at Hobo.



Sankt Paulsgatan 17


Remember when cash was king? It still is! Over at Kaffe you will get an espresso for 15 SEK and up CASH ONLY. Thats not even what an ice cream will cost you these days. This is a good spot for the freelance people to either get some work done or just sit in the corner guessing what type of crazy and creative job all these guests have at this spot. Its a local classic for sure at Södermalm.


Mariatorget 1


In the middle of roads, parks, people, restaurants, cafés and a whole lot of things happening – this just pops up! A little bit of last-minute-heaven when you’re on the run and you just totally forgot that you didn’t buy that little surprise to your date later and voila. The owner is a super cool woman and a true local who will definitely spend some time with you, offering a coffee and a good talk while picking flowers.


Hornsgatan 64


Name me that one person who doesn’t want a piece home from this store, and i’ll buy you something from here (ok I probably won’t but just to get your attention for now). This is one of the most popular vintage stores in town and you will notice why without even entering the store. Its like a little x-mas just to stand as a child in front of the windows wishing it all was in your home. Its handpicked from all over the world and theres always something for everyone.

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Hobo blog - 28 Jun. 2017

Smell like a true local with Sniph x Hobo perfume box

We are more than happy to introduce you to our very own pick of scents from Sniph! Together with the amazing CEO Elisabet and the Hobo crew we finally manage to pick our scents to represent us and the locals. So now you know why the staff this summer smells so good, and so could you! You will find the box in our shop at Hobo Hotel.

But now its time to get to know the mastermind behind Sniph!


H: So, tell me how your passion for perfumes and Sniph began?
EK: Wow. I’ve always been extremely fascinated by scents and how we’re immediately affected by them. Already as a kid, I had this obsession with the detergent bottles at the local supermarket. I wouldn’t leave the shelf until I had sniffed them all. When my aunt got me my first real perfume, D&G Light Blue, I somehow knew that fragrance would mean a lot to me and my life.
Ever since I’ve been the “frag head” among my friends, introducing my friends, family and colleagues to new favorite perfumes. I just love the reaction of someone sniffing something – and falling for it. Two years ago, I left my full-time job as a marketing manager and started a discovery service for perfume – Sniph – in order to let more people experience more perfume. Our mission is to make it easier, less expensive and less time consuming to sniff around and find new favorites. I see Sniph as my duty, in a way.


H: What city would you say could be best described with scents. I happen to know that you have a thing for Paris?
EK: Especially when we’re young, scents have an enormous power to create life long memories. I spent a lot of time in Paris as a teenager and, yeah, my nose seem to have played the role of memory machine. Of course each city has its individual scent identity, depending on who you ask. But Paris to me is the lovely damp in the metro mixed with stressed suits with Dior Sauvage. And sweet incense, cigarette smoke and Thierry Muglers A*Men in the basement club VIP Room on Champs Elysées. Even the greyish Haussmann facade seem to smell something, in the capital of perfumery – Paris.
H: What notes would Stockholm city have if it was a perfume?
EK: Traditionally, Swedes haven’t really been a perfume-loving people. Daring to smell different, has only been for the true avant-garde. But during the past ten years, mainly thanks to local perfume brands such as Byredo and Agonist, perfume has started to be commonly used just like any other accessory.
Walking on the streets of Stockholm, the notes that often hit my nose are powdery iris, sultry sandalwood and clean laundry. And of course, freshly baked cinnamon buns (both from all vanilla based perfumes out there and the pastry reproduced scent by 7 Eleven).


H: We are, of course, super happy to announce that Hobo and Sniph is doing this collaboration. How did the process look like to find the final scents?
EK: I was super flattered to get the request to curate an exclusive Hobo x Sniph box. I literally threw myself into the project of identifying seven different perfumes from relevant brands, that match HOBO’s values: love for the local, urban chic and accessibility. HOBO’s staff then got to ‘blind sniff’ the seven fragrances and vote for two each.
H: What are your words on the final products?
EK: I love all seven fragrances that were selected for the project. But, I must admit that I’m a little extra happy for the two that Hobo voted for. They’re very different from each other, but both happen to have female founders.
One is from a Stockholm based perfume brand (SG79|STHLM Nº4) and it smells like a cool summer night in the 90’s. The other one, a pure coconut dream in the hammock, is from a Barcelona based 27 87 Perfumes. Hamaca. Together, they perfectly shape the HOBO spirit and will let you recall your Stockholm experience, wherever you go.


H: We all know that friend who always puts on way too much perfume. What is the correct way to manage it?
EK: Really? It’s almost as hard as telling a friend that has bad breath. I believe in honesty. But if it’s too hard to tell him/her upfront, you could always take your friend on a nice shopping experience, suggesting something different and advice him/her to wear less because “this one is really heavy”. But yeah, it’s a tough one for sure.
H: If Hobo was a perfume, what would we smell like? Be gentle!
EK: I’d say powdery iris and warm sandalwood (‘love for the local’) with a twist of fresh bergamot giving that fantastic feeling of clean sheets (‘urban chic’). Your geographical position in combination with your friendly approach already makes you ‘accessible’. So the scent of accessibility… cinnamon bun?



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Hobo blog - 31 May. 2017

Five good movie reasons to stay in bed

If you haven’t already seen it we have a new offer that definitely shows how much all of us at Hobo loves a good cinema date during the summer nights combined with a staycation. So besides the Popcorn Sunday offer we would like to share a list of our top 5 movies to watch this summer while staying in bed.



Dirty Dancing (1978)


Frida (2002)


En Kärlekshistoria (1970)


Grease (1978)


Rocky 5 (1990)


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Hobo blog - 18 May. 2017

Playfulness and service with a big smile!

At Hobo the most important thing that we strive on and breath, is providing exceptional service to anybody that steps through our front door.

Read what our Front Desk Team Leader, Oscar Lundberg has to say about our service at Hobo:

“Playfulness. For us it’s not just a word, for us it’s a way of work. We believe that playfulness is what makes you put that pretty smile on your face.

When you enter Hobo, we want you to feel welcome, inspired and happy. If you are arriving late in the evening after a long day of travel, a hard day at the office, or if you are just popping in for a drink, you will always be greeted with a “Hej Hej!” and a smile, that will make you feel welcome in our community. That is our main goal.

The first thing you will see when you enter Hobo is our awesome flip dot-wall, you will smell the fresh mint growing in the lobby, and you will hear some great music pumping from our 5th floor. If you are tired of waiting in line at the check-in counter, you can always check in automatically through our digital self check-in stations. Then you can use your time for more important things, like asking our front desk-staff where to get the best burgers in town, or try out a couple of our delicious drinks at the bar.


Even though we are super proud to be a young, sustainable, local, co-creative lifestyle design-hotel. There is one thing we are even more proud and humble about: Our friendly staff.”

Looking forward to see you @ Hobo soon!   




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Hobo blog - 28 Apr. 2017

Hobo’s own hotel City guide and neighbourhood map

Forget about the crappy maps and boring advice from the usual hotel directories.

At Hobo with the help of Identity works, we created our own designed city guide. We have lifted out all the hot spots of interest that we found will be interesting for our guests and we drawn them on a map of Stockholm. How cool is that? The best of all is that you can take our map home and show it off to all of your friends.

Hobo is situated in Brunkebergstorg. What use to be an old bank has now been transformed into the hottest hotspot in Stockholm. Next to Hobo, you will find our sister hotel At Six and right at the top of the building one can dine at Restaurant TAK.

Come and visit us at Brunkebergstorg 4.

Hope to see you soon!


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Hobo blog - 20 Apr. 2017

From our kitchen – Sorrel

Our head chef, Sebastian Runius or as we all call him “SUPER CHEF” discribes one of his signature desserts as follows:

Sorrel is a secure sign that the cold winter is over.

I believe every Swede have been foraging and eating sorrel from a forest as a child.

It’s quite sour, containing large amount of oxal acid, and it’s so grassy.

We take a lot of sorrel, mix it whole, and make a sorbet out of it. It’s almost like a lemon sorbet, sour, sweet and smooth.

We put some flat matcha-tea meringues on the sorbet, to enhance the grassines, and add cold double cream from a newly opened package of cream.


At Hobo we love and embrace our Swedish food and heritage, we always aim to keep a local and sustainable approach to what we serve.

The evening menu consist of 7 medium sized dishes, in which we focus on vegetables from our fantastic surroundings.

Welcome in to us at Hobo

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Hobo blog - 11 Apr. 2017

It’s official – Welcome to Hobo

“It’s official – there’s a new hotel in town.

Welcome to Hobo – Stockholm’s new hotel where we will live, create and play better together!

In 2015, a small group of people started to think about what their dream hotel would be like. In short we seem to like smart things that look good and to hang out with inspiring people. Now it’s two years later and we’ve been up and running for three amazing weeks, busy celebrating and putting the last pieces together.

Hobo is 201 rooms, a restaurant and café featuring a lot of green and local produce, two bars, a showcase stage and our pop-up area Spaceby where we invite up-and-coming brands and creatives to do their thing. Breakfast, lunch, coffee, open office, lectures, beer, dinner, music, new friends, cocktails, old friends, live gigs, a good night’s sleep and much more. No matter if you’re a Stockholm local or visiting, you’re always welcome over to our place.

Stay tuned!



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